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Where is growth of our city really going to occur?

Planning is in the news here in Victoria, in particular the use of the Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ).

Both sides of Government have tinkered with, or propose to tinker with the NRZ post State election in November.

If you are wondering what all of the fuss is about, here’s a little snapshot…

Message from the Managing Director

This Christmas we celebrate the end of our first full calendar year.  As we reflect on a year that exceeded all of our expectations, we are humbled by the faith that our clients have shown us and proud of the success that we have helped them achieve.  We made a decision when we started PLC […]

Bah Humbug

Planning for your project over the Christmas Break Christmas is coming. Contrary to popular belief, the world will not end… however there are implications for the timing and scheduling of projects which may be under consideration for town planning approval. While many Council’s stay open over the Christmas break, each Council employs slightly different practices […]

Jay Coy

Environmental Infrastructure Section Leader Jay Coy Associate Jay has over 12 years’ experience in consulting engineering and government. Over the past 12 years Jay has specialised in Local Government, Urban Infrastructure, Transport and Waste Management. Jay has previously spent nearly 2 years with the Shire of Nillumbik and over 12 months undertaking detailed site surveillance, […]

Katy Mac Innes

Environment Section Leader Kathy MacInnes Principal Environmental Consultant | Hydrogeologist Kathy is a Principal Consultant with over twenty years’ experience in consulting and government organisations. Her qualifications provide a diverse mix of complementary skills that are well suited to consulting work encompassing data management and people management skills together with the base technical qualification in […]