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Planning for your project over the Christmas Break

Planning for your project over the Christmas Break

Christmas is coming. Contrary to popular belief, the world will not end… however there are implications for the timing and scheduling of projects which may be under consideration for town planning approval.

While many Council’s stay open over the Christmas break, each Council employs slightly different practices over this time. These include:

– Using an extra week of advertising for planning applications (14 days up to 21 days).
– Deferring advertising planning applications until the new year (From mid-January).
– Not undertaking community consultation on strategic projects through January.
– Council meetings are generally not held mid-December through until late January to decide on planning applications.
– The last Council meeting for the year is usually “chock full”. Matters can be deferred or pushed until the next meeting in January.

As such, we recommend:

1. Checking as to what special arrangements your individual Council uses over Christmas period.
2. Where possible, submitting applications, amendments, or further information responses in November to avoid disappointment.
3. Checking as to when your officer report or Council meeting is timetabled. A conversation with the Council officer assessing the application now can assist in “booking in” the consideration of your application.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with your planning project, please don’t hesitate to contact Tom, Paul or the team at PLC Consulting.