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Katy Mac Innes

Environment Section Leader

Kathy MacInnes

Principal Environmental Consultant | Hydrogeologist
Kathy is a Principal Consultant with over twenty years’ experience in consulting and government organisations. Her qualifications provide a diverse mix of complementary skills that are well suited to consulting work encompassing data management and people management skills together with the base technical qualification in science. Kathy is Principal Hydrogeologist and also a qualified systems analyst which provides a broad understanding of the interaction of technically diverse disciplines.

Kathy worked at many sites in Victoria and South Australia and has a thorough understanding of the current Victorian legislative framework and reporting and approvals processes. Her experience includes siting studies, risk assessments, works approval applications, planning permit applications, geological and hydrogeological investigations, operational planning, monitoring and reporting, financial assurance calculation, monitoring program development, Auditor liaison and development of closure and rehabilitation plans. Data management experience includes integrated relational database modelling and design, geographic information systems and database management.

Kathy brings specialist systems analyst skills to the PLC project team which is critical to the data intensive requirements of asset intensive infrastructure portfolios.