We provide planning and environmental strategy and approvals for Urban Renewal, Institutional, Residential, Mixed Use, Industrial, and Greenfield property segments. Depending on our client’s needs, we can provide pre-acquisition advice, technical investigations, due diligence, rezoning of land, planning and environmental approvals.


Ricardo consultants provide multi-disciplinary environmental services across the property, infrastructure and Government sectors. Our services include: contaminated land assessment and remediation, property environmental due diligence, environmental engineering and risk assessment. We offer technical capabilities across contaminated soil, hydrogeology, soil vapour and environmental management.


Ricardo consultants provide planning, environmental services , advisory and asset management to the transport sector with specialist capabilities in the aviation, rail and road sectors. By integrating our environmental, planning and infrastructure capability we provide environmental impact assessment capability on major transport projects and our team have completed a number of major development plans for aviation sites across Australia.


The Local Government| State Government| Federal Government sectors require different standards of service to the private sector. We provide a full suite of advisory and management services across the full project life cycle to Government. Our policy, advisory, environmental and planning consulting is grounded in practical project delivery experience. From our offices in Bendigo, Melbourne and Sydney, we service our Government Clients drawing upon local and national experience.


We help guide the development of technology solutions for the Waste Management sector. The Waste Management Sector is estimated at over $20 Billion in Australia and New Zealand, encompassing, collection, disposal and alternative waste management solutions. Our policy, advisory, Planning, Engineering and management capabilities uniquely place us to advise across the full project life cycle of Pre-treatment Systems, Alternative Waste Treatment, Organics Processing, Anaerobic Digestion and Thermal Waste Treatment. We provide full project management services from policy formation to delivery and commissioning.


Ricardo as an experienced team of environmental scientists specialising in landfill assessment, monitoring and approvals. Our team advises clients and auditors with specialist capabilities in hydrogeology, landfill gas, site environmental management and policy and approvals.

Our landfill engineers are industry leading in the design, specification and construction quality assurance monitoring of landfill cell construction, leachate ponds and landfill capping/rehabilitation. We are industry leaders in the masterplanning of landfills to maximise operational airspace and routinely develop landfill operational plans and are experienced in the development of closed landfill sites.


Resources are in high demand to support unprecedented levels of State and Federal Government Infrastructure investment and a global building boom. Ricardo’s unique combination of planning, environmental and advisory skills are sought out to support the specific requirements of the resources sector including bankable feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, planning and environmental approvals, risk assessments, infrastructure advisory, asset management and rehabilitation planning to both the mining and quarrying operations. We are experienced with recent regulatory changes to approvals pathways.